The LLT07584 is an unbraked 8' x 4' single axle trailer with wheels outside. The G.V.W. of this trailer is 750Kgs, giving it a payload of 410Kg. These trailers now come with fully wrapped and welded aluminium floors to help prevent effluent seepage. The overall height of the trailer is 1637mm with the total width adding up to 1782mm


<li>Prop stands</li> <li>Floatation wheels</li> <li>Rear loading ramp</li> <li>Optional stock door</li> <li>Optional dividing gate</li> <li>Optional fold down front</li> <li>Aluminium loading gates</li> <li>Lift off pig and sheep canopy</li> <li>Fold down ventilation flaps as standard</li>